Begin 2020: Talent Optimization

I have to be honest, I was a total skeptic in my very first encounter/conversation about Talent Optimization. I initially thought that I would able to “use” Talent Optimization as a way to “upsell” my already burgeoning Talent Acquisition line of services. BOY WAS I WRONG!

From the beginning, I realized how narrow of a focus that “old” thinking was…and that I had been working for years to only address a small portion of a larger, overall business issue. Talent Optimization opened my eyes to focusing on resolving more than just a HR needs. As a discipline, it focuses on improving/re-tooling an entire organizational structure from the ground up – which has such an amazing and positive impact that it even affects a client’s ability to deliver results to their customer base.


Taking more of a serious look and exploring this new industry, Talent Optimization has turned out to be much more than I initially thought. WHY? I think that it has had a lot to do with what the initial behavioral assessment was able to help me realize.

It allowed me to self-manage, take responsibility for my actions and have an honest conversation with my whole self (even the parts that I had been hiding out of fear / thought I had lost to corporate america years ago). Long story short, I was able to reconnect with both parts, and have a true heart-to-heart. From then on, I have been able to be more honest with myself about a lot more than I was able to prior.

I found the review of the information that was revealed in the Behavioral Assessment as “freeing”. As a result, I have quickly realized a confidence about the current choices I am making, and seen how my entire life has begun to change. Knowing what I know now about myself, life in retrospect also makes a lot more sense, and seems more logical. To put more plainly, I have realized that I was “made” for Talent Optimization.

Practicing Talent Optimization has a lot of positives for me. As an example, I am able to use more of my innate skills, than just those skills and abilities that I learned working in HR. This makes what I do in optimizing individuals, teams and work environments that much more fulfilling. Finally, in combining my abilities with best in industry tools, I am rest assured of the fact that I will be able to leave a client’s environment (and ultimately the world) better than I found it.


As I work with clients, I have found that Talent Optimization has a lot of misconceptions. One of the largest are the results you see in the image above. They come from leadership teams who care about their organizations, their teams, and are open to change. Optimization of anything is more than operating in a vacuum!

The tools used in creating such results are magical only in the sense that they are able to bring order our of chaos, and provide managers/leaders with a bias for action. The support to take action helps these leaders implement/make the necessary changes for a more positive work environment.

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