3 Ways to revitalize your leadership with Self-Awareness.

Though some would argue that an exercise now-and-again in ambiguity is a good thing, there is nothing worse than flying blind.

What I am talking about is the perilous situation in which we are not able to see. Whether you are proverbially talking about not “seeing” a vision, or literally referring to not being able to see three feet in front of your face, it doesn’t matter. The result is the same – ending in a major calamity or disaster.

The good news is that, when it comes to business – there is a way to remove this “blindness”. We just need to get out of our own way. This you may not be so comfortable with doing, so I wanted to share 3 ways that you can remove your personal blindness when it comes to being a remarkable leader.


Back to my flying blind statement. How can someone know where they are going, if they don’t already know who they are (or where they “came” from while being themselves)? We all have stories. Most of us however don’t have a definition for the experiences that we have had – or even more, have a way to communicate our behavior in response to those experiences.

Becoming more self-aware gives us the chance to be objective. We can remove any “good” or “bad” inference monikers (that we as humans tend to place on things/events). We can be honest – and while not distracted by focusing on our emotion-driven behaviors, can more quickly identify (non-biasing) business objectives. From this more objective perspective, we can better understand our behaviors – and in some cases even try to take these behaviors into consideration when making future business decisions.


Self-Awareness is a way of “taking out the garbage”, if you will. As a discipline, it can help us to learn how to change our responses to workplace stimuli (such as a boss, a co-worker, an insufferable client, or even Sue from accounting) by defining our natural behavioral tendencies. Once we know our strengths – we can more effectively gauge our approach to that stimuli. For example, I hate month-end accounting, but after some self-awareness understand: 1.) it will take me longer to complete than other tasks, and 2.) no matter how much I loath it, it is still a needed and useful business process – so I should respoect it.

Another way to look at self-awareness is like this – have you ever watched a movie and thought, “Gee, that actor was just meant for that role?” THEY PROBABLY WERE! It is because they are playing into their innate strengths. Through some self-awareness exercises, you as a leader can as well. In fact, by doing so you can give yourself the gift of understanding. This gift can illminate how your behavior is either positively or negatively influencing your team and those around you.


You can’t smell the stew, if your head is in the pot.” This is the perfect description of the relationship between leadership and self-awareness. Many times, leaders forget that “my way” isn’t the only way to achieve success. In some instances, the best thing that a leader (without a specific skill) can do is step back. By doing so, in the long run they may be able to achieve the same, or more positive results by understanding their own (and others’) strengths. Self-awareness could play a BIG role in team development! Remarkable leaders are secure enough about their skills to allow someone else on their team to take the lead, and use their strengths to resolve an issue.

The often-overlooked secret weapon of self-awareness lies in “getting objective” about our own leadership behavioral tendencies. When looking at these facts and figures honestly (and without emotion), we can finally see that otherwise confrontational or misinterpreted work relationship can more easily be seen for what it is – a simple misunderstandings of perspectives.

Ultimately, the objectivity of self-awareness can help leaders zero in on the task at hand more quickly, thus resulting in future positive business results occurring faster.

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Published by Rob Lockard, SPHR, SCP

I am a certified Talent Optimization consultant that help organizations deliver business results and align their leadership, teams, and culture to their business strategy.

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