4 Steps to make better hires…

STEP 1: DEFINE & COMMUNICATE JOB REQUIREMENTS Solicit stakeholder input. Make sure to include ALL of those whom the position will interact with or service (Supervisors, Colleagues, & Subordinates). Define the job. Make sure that you have a firm foundation and understanding of what you want for the incumbent in the position to be ableContinue reading “4 Steps to make better hires…”

ABILITY vs. AVAILABILITY: What matters more in leadership.

There is no question – change has been all around us recently. For some, change has become a part of their daily work lives for the last couple of months. For others, it has been driven by fear of loss. For even others still, it is currently driving areas of long-standing need, as they callContinue reading “ABILITY vs. AVAILABILITY: What matters more in leadership.”

3 Ways to revitalize your leadership with Self-Awareness.

Though some would argue that an exercise now-and-again in ambiguity is a good thing, there is nothing worse than flying blind. What I am talking about is the perilous situation in which we are not able to see. Whether you are proverbially talking about not “seeing” a vision, or literally referring to not being ableContinue reading “3 Ways to revitalize your leadership with Self-Awareness.”

Begin 2020: Talent Optimization (Revisit)

A personal perspective on Talent Optimization from a new practitioner revisited.

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