Design a Hiring Strategy.

Relieve the pain. Banish the fear. Be successful.

You already know what you do in your organization. It is your bread & butter. Your business strategy addresses & takes care of that.

You probably haven’t thought twice about WHO is going to help you execute that plan, however. And your not alone. 

In 2019, 600 CEOs were asked this exact question. Only 36% said that they had a hiring strategy already in place.

Getting the right who on your team can be a problem. This who is going to shape and form your organization – which decides if your company continues to thrive & grow. It should definitely be something you figure out before your competition does.

Successful hiring experience, with industry-leading tools.

Though it would be a cool trick, no one can read minds.

emineo HRC, however can help you establish a solid foundation upon which to build your hiring strategy – which can make you more $$$ faster, while retaining a larger amount of your high performers.

We drive positive results for our clients by ensuring that they have the natural talents needed to recreate remarkable results – including greater successes & faster growth.

Backed by 20 years of business & management experience and multiple professional certifications, our Chief Talent Officer & CEO, Rob Lockard combines his hiring knowledge with industry leading tools to help you grow. His goal is to put his knowledge to work for you, so you can have much greater business gains than the other 64% of CEOs who don’t have a hiring strategy.

The plan is simple – to find success,
bring speed to strategy.


Bring predictability and reliability to your hiring process. 


Know who you’re looking for before they step into your office for an interview. Define job requirements, and establish behavioral and cognitive targets as benchmarks.

3.) Save TIME.

Cut down the time it takes to screen & Interview candidates. Don’t waste time on questions you already know the answers to because of the data.

4.) Interview Confidently.

Bring structure to your interviews. Use the recommended questions to probe for gaps and to confirm fit.

Objective hiring is smart hiring. Use people data to build a team that makes your organization remarkable. 

The reason – gut feel is not a good enough reason to hire someone. Neither is relying solely on past performance indicators like GPA, references, or a pedigreed resume.

Instead, turn to hiring tools that incorporate behavioral and cognitive insights to balance your hiring decisions (think balance between Art & Science). This is the best way to predict how a candidate will think and work once on the job in your work environment. 

Our tactics consistently ensure that your teams will have a bias for action, and the natural aptitude & skills to deliver results to your clients. Without additional effort on the part yourself and your team, take into consideration the various aspects of both cognitive diversity and as well as team fit and team dynamics – before you hire.