The assessment IS BUILT FOR SPEED &
takes 6 minutes to complete.  

Afterwards, you will receive: SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN INSIGHTS INTO YOUR NATURAL DRIVES as well as…   

1.) Increased Self- AwaReness.
The initial results report summarizes your personal reference profile. This profile is intended to give you a deeper self-awareness of your leadership strengths, potential blind spots, and areas of synergy and conflict with your team. 

2.) INTERACTION inSIGHTS Opportunity.

During an optional 1:1 session with our Chief Talent Officer & CEO, take a deeper drive into your innate needs & drives – to better understand your decision making & communication tendencies. Gain an understanding of how You+Team works. 


Knowing your personal behavioral tendencies better, and have the ability to see yourself, your team and your strategy in one centralized place to identify strengths, alignment & any gaps of job candidates BEFORE they join your team.

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