engage teams.

Mismatches are costing you – ALOT!

Organizations are losing $2M every year to disengagement. Productivity is at the mercy of employee autonomy – which drives creativity, and overall organizational adaptability (a crucial competitive advantage). 

This is happening in part by employee-job mismatches. These mismatches are three-pronged and can exist between your employee and their role, their manager & their team. Left unaddressed, the bottom-line results of these mismatches are employees who do the bare minimum to keep their job. YIKES!

Imagine what could you accomplish with a fully engaged team! Our diagnose capability uses critical people data to measure what matters most. We analyze your specific environment and pinpoint root cause gaps in order to prescribe you quick and easy remedies as needed. 

Employee Engagement Testimonials

“Above all, I was impressed with Rob’s ability to command (a tough) room and retain his composure when things got heated. He had a special way of ensuring everyone had access to the right tools and training yet never made anyone feel like a burden if they had a question .”

Director of Marketing

“…Rob was a fantastic person to work with! He is smart, organized, experienced, and honest. His experience and knowledge not only about Human Resources but about people, in general, shines through in his skills and problem-solving.”


” I enjoyed working with Rob and respected him for his great ideas and his ability to handle some of the thorniest issues in the HR arena. As COO, I appreciated his support and trusted him to always do his best for the company and its team members.


Know what drives the engagement of your employees.


  • 1.) Upload your org structure.
  • 2.) Choose employee experience survey date.
  • 3.) Our consultants share insights and executive debrief.

Say goodbye to guessing &

Get guidance with the advantages of:

Allowing managers to effectively manage.

Easily gauge employees and gather candid, confidential feedback on their work experience. The PI Employee Experience Survey algorithm pinpoints the strengths and improvement areas that will have the most
impact on engagement at your company.  

Once the survey closes, you’ll receive engagement trends at every level of your organization—whether that’s a team, a department, or your entire company. This insight will allow you to customize your actions based on group strengths and needs—and improve engagement at micro and macro levels.

Insights at every level.

Building & strengthening a bias for action.

Most engagement surveys provide insight, but lack action. The PI Employee Experience Survey bridges data with results by delivering custom action plans, so you can fix what’s broken. In addition, the half-day
Take Action on Engagement workshop empowers managers and leaders to share results with their teams and establish a path to high-impact organizational change.

You don’t have to go it alone. With the Employee Experience Coaching package, our PI Certified Consultant can assist and guide you every step of the way. From survey setup to plan implementation, you’ll have a trusted ally by your side as you take the necessary steps to drive a remarkable & world-class organization.

A committed Coach by your side.