Hiring mistakes are painful.

Hire the wrong job candidate and the sting of pain can linger for a while. It can even leave a mark. Not only on your organization, but on your confidence to hire ever again.  You shouldn’t have these problems! We can help. Equipped with knowledge, experience, and industry-leading tools, our consultants understand how to quickly guide you through even the toughest of hiring decisions. 


“Rob was an incredible and resource for our team! He shared insightful HR practices and gave applicable feedback for our current on-boarding process. We highly encourage working with Rob!!”


He was eager to give insights and coach through challenging situations and never let his workload interfere with his desire to help. He often checked-in on how things were going and communicated efficiently and concisely. I enjoyed working with Rob, as his energy for his work and desire to see those around him succeed is refreshing.”


Marketing Manager

“Rob was great to work with. Very knowledgeable and patient with all my questions. He helped me come up with a great product for our organization. Highly recommend Rob!!!”


HR Director

How to avoid hiring mistakes:

1.) In 30-minutes-or-less, we help you define a job target to post your position quickly.

2.) When your job candidates apply, they take a six-minute behavioral assessment. 

3.) Our system instantly compares the assessment results with the job to help you make an informed & objective hiring decision. No waiting for an assessment to be “read”…unless of course, you like wasting time. 

Don’t have time to recruit yourself? 
We can do that too.

Relieve pain, fear & frustration:

Design a hiring strategy.

You already know what you do in your organization. Your business plan addresses & takes care of that. 

You probably haven’t thought twice about who is going to help you achieve that plan, however. And your not alone.  In 2019, 600 CEOs were asked this exact question.

Only 36% said that they had a hiring strategy already in place.

Getting the right “who” on your team can be tedious, LONG, and take time away from what you are doing to stay in business. We get it. What they bring to the table decides if your company continues to thrive/grow -or- crash & burn.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! We quickly help you figure out what strengths you need of the right “who” to help you achieve your goals & dreams. It should definitely be something you figure out before your competition does, right?