Improve leaders.

“Bad” leaders aren’t born that way. They are created by an organization that ill-equips them to address legitimate concerns & problems. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Set the stage to achieve optimal business results, by giving your leaders tools to inspire their teams.

Give your managers a bias for taking action.

Equip them with experience-based guidance and data insights to help them adequately lead your teams, while quickly adapting to business volatility. In so doing, also ease their ability to align to, and appropriately execute your business strategy.

Leadership Development in motion:

“ Rob’s approach was geared more towards informing you of legal and ethical recommendations and then supporting you and your decision…People around him just seemed to get better…I highly recommend his professionalism, knowledge, energy, strategic thinking, flexibility, kindness, and commitment. An upgrade to any team!”

Vice President

“He offered coaching tools and resources available to sustain the success of the candidate and cultivate employee development. Rob offered stellar customer service and guidance in our pre- and post employee search. He is a pleasure to work with and left us with a positive experience. “

Executive Director

“I enjoyed working with Rob and respected him for his great ideas and his ability to handle some of the thorniest issues in the HR arena. As COO, I appreciated his support and trusted him to always do his best for the company and its team members.“


As a result…

Understand individual contributors.

Build an award-winning culture of high-performers by encouraging all of your employees to take the six-minute free-choice PI Behavioral Assessment™, proudly share their findings, and learn what drives them and those around them.

Build better managers.

Building better working relationships requires an understanding of the interplay between different behavioral drives. With the Relationship Guide (seen above), it’s easy to see how two people’s
strengths combine and where they may need some guidance.

Enable high-performing teams.

With Team Work Styles organizations can understand how each member of a team communicates, makes decisions and executes their work. Discover emerging patterns in the makeup of teams to optimize communication and execute for performance.

Set the stage to achieve optimal business results by giving your leaders tools to inspire their teams. Ease your leaders’ ability to align, and execute your business strategy.

Know how to manage employees in a way that encourages them to push beyond themselves and motivate their teams to the top of their game.


  • do the key “people work”
  • to reach milestone achievements
  • fulfill no only your goals, but those of your client’s as well.