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Workshops & Training

Virtual Instructor-Lead Training (VILT)

Create awareness with people Data (VILT).

An overview and discussion about the practice of talent optimization.

Hire the right talent (VILT).

In this single 90-minute virtual session, participants learn how to seamlessly weave the PI methodology and talent optimization best practices into their existing hiring process to better predict job performance and hire top talent.

Inspire people to perform (VILT).

In three (3) 90-minute Virtual Sessions, participants learn how to unlock the potential of your workforce to: expand employee capabilities & develop future leaders to build high performing teams.

Drive results with Talent (VILT).

In five (5) 90-minute virtual sessions, participants learn approaches for maximizing the productivity of your workforce in relation to managing yourself, managing relationships and managing teams.

Design: Execute Strategy with Confidence 

Executive training that makes Talent Strategy easy.

Instructor-Lead Training

A company’s talent is one of its most significant competitive advantages. In addition, hiring the right people and maximizing employee productivity is critical for success. Our (In-person) Instructor-led Training allows your team to receive insights into both. 

Create Awareness with People Data

In this half-day accelerated training participants learn about themselves and those around them—instantly improving team collaboration and engagement.

Inspire People to Perform.

This full day training gives participants the tools and perspectives they need to develop increased self-awareness and a thorough understanding of what drives their day-to-day management behaviors.

Hire the Right Talent.

This half-day training, increase the quality and speed of hiring by looking beyond the resume and interview.

Drive Results with Talent.

In this two day training covers the four aptitudes of talent optimization:

Design: Leverage people data to purposefully and strategically design your organization, leadership, culture, and teams.

Diagnose: Uncover the root of your business problems by measuring and analyzing your people data.

Hire: Build a workforce of top performers and create high-performing teams.

Inspire: Empower your employees with the people data insights they need to manage themselves and their workplace relationships.

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