Experience what it feels like to be remarkable. 

“Rob was great! He listened as I explained our organizational need and proceeded to share lots of great idea for team building and engaging during virtual workshops. He shared a planning resources and even offered follow-up support.”


Programs Coordinator (2020)

“Rob was a great partner – extremely knowledgeable, quick to respond and easy to work with. We are very happy with his work and highly recommend him.”



“This was a fantastic experience. I was able to complete a critical project for my organization with a much higher quality outcome than I would have been able to do on my own.”


COO (2020)

“Rob was an incredible and resource for our team! He shared insightful HR practices and gave applicable feedback for our current on-boarding process. We highly encourage working with Rob!!”



“Rob was great to work with. Very knowledgeable and patient with all my questions. He helped me come up with a great product for our organization. Highly recommend Rob!!!”


HR Director (2020)

“I have worked with Rob on a variety of different recruitment projects and corporate initiatives. He was eager to give insights and coach through challenging situations and never let his workload interfere with his desire to help. He often checked-in on how things were going and communicated efficiently and concisely. I enjoyed working with Rob, as his energy for his work and desire to see those around him succeed is refreshing and would be an asset to any organization.”



…for once in my career it felt like HR was an asset rather than just a necessity. A real gift in being calm and helpful during challenging times and I appreciated the way he delivered it in layman’s terms. Rather than directing everyone with only policy and handbook speak, Rob’s approach was geared more towards informing you of legal and ethical recommendations and then supporting you and your decision. Most importantly, it was the first time we had a partner in recruiting. He implemented several programs and resources for finding more qualified folks and assisted with training, both in which really helped in retention. People around him just seemed to get better…I highly recommend his professionalism, knowledge, energy, strategic thinking, flexibility, kindness and commitment. An upgrade to any HR team!



“…worked with Rob for a couple of years recruiting and hiring for specialized positions outside of his daily sphere of familiarity. He has been wonderful at getting a clear understanding of what I was looking for and the person that would be the best fit for the position. He worked diligently to research the specifics of the position and the expected outcome for a successful candidate. He went above and beyond my requested expectation, and offered vital recruitment suggestions to assist our small operation to find the right person. After finding the right person, He followed-up to make sure that he met our needs and expectations. He offered coaching tools and resources available to sustain the success of the candidate and cultivate employee development. Rob offered stellar customer service and guidance in our pre- and post employee search. He is a pleasure to work with and left us with a positive experience. “



Rob is the consummate HR professional. Very quickly, he turned around a department that was in complete disarray and gained the respect of the leadership. His knowledge of HR is extensive…Not only did he help us in Kansas City, MO, but he also recruited and supported in several other states, including Kansas, Iowa, Texas and many others, requiring him to be knowledgeable of their laws and regulations too. His responsibilities continued to expand as the company moved into new states. I enjoyed working with Rob and respected him for his great ideas and his ability to handle some of the thorniest issues in the HR arena. As COO, I appreciated his support and trusted him to always do his best for the company and its team members.


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