Want to improve your ability to deliver business results? How about relieving those stubborn areas holding your organization back? …Or maybe building a solid business strategy?

Organizational Design is a lot like constructing a building. It is where you can create & evolve. It is the “architectural” plan that is followed to ensure that your organization is built correctly, efficiently and to expectation (or regulation). To do this, choosing the correct “building” tools is crucial. Ensuring that all of the individual building elements and various skills needed come together and be the “mortar” of your organization. They must collaboratively anchor, support, and allow the organization do what it is made to do – serve your clients well.

As your business passion unfolds, so too should the design of your organization. Implement the correct design, and your ability to deliver results skyrockets, and friction lessons.

Unfortunately, many organizations start out with no blueprint for how they will go about performing work, thinking it will just blossom organically. In other organizations, senior leaders squabble with each other about how to achieve success. In both examples, entire teams are left to wander through a wasteland of non-alignment day-in and day-out. As a result, the overall human aspects in these environments consume time, are messy and downright costly – all because they are not set-up or handled correctly. 

We get it, and can lend a competent and steady hand getting things set-up, back-on-track or up-to-speed for you and your organization.

Based on years of human-centered experience, our organizational design methodology analyzes and identifies dysfunctional aspects of your current people structures, systems, procedures or work flows. Using this analysis, we make suggestions to (re)align people strategies to correctly address current business realities/goals. As a final step, we can assist in the further development of plans and can even help with implementation.

Not sure where to start? Simply don’t have the time? No worries! From the beginning, we help you connect your people strategy to your business plan so you place the correct emphasis in the right places for your organization. Don’t have a people strategy? We can help here too! We can streamline and build strong human elements into your business plan so that your organization can prosper well into the future.