emineo is a certified talent optimization consulting firm.

We drive positive results for our clients by ensuring they have the strengths & natural talents needed to create remarkable results – including greater successes and faster growth.

Achieve the results you’re after by determining if your leadership, teams, and culture are well suited and aligned to a sound business strategy.

Don’t know where to start, or what your people strategy / talent design look like?

We can help you either create or evolve a people strategy. Supported by data, we intentionally and strategically approach your specific Organization’s leadership, culture and dynamics. The results provide you a much better chance of achieving your desired business objectives.

Get remarkable results by consistently ensuring your team has the natural aptitude & skills you need.

We can not only help you find the right talent for your team…but ensure your people strategy aligns with your business strategy.

Manage, develop, empower, coach & lead your team.

We use analytics to work through team dynamics to create work styles and build relationships.

We use critical people data to measure what matters, analyze your specific environment & pinpoint root cause gaps in order to prescribe remedies as needed.

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Investing in our communities by sharing & giving back plays a large part in what we do. It starts with utilizing & transferring our corporate knowledge into the creation, support & growth of both Civic & Community minded organizations. As such, we actively volunteer in our community, putting what we know to good use.