emineo guides your organization to be remarkable.

As a PI Certified Partner, we provide industry leading data assessment tools to help you understand your people so they can be most effective within your organization.

What talent challenges hold you back from achieving your goals and objectives?

Our insights quickly help to lessen work environment frustrations and streamline the pathway toward success. Along the way, we encourage and provide experience based guidance that enables your leadership to take an action-oriented approach in supporting and transforming their teams. The results can be remarkable. Teams are more agile, communicate more effectively, find solutions faster, and ultimately overcome the largest of obstacles that stand in their way.

Emanate positive workplace transformations.


Assess the unique “mix” of an organization to harness the best in each individual player. Utilize professional insights and experience to see the potential outcomes, and what others can not. Apply creative thinking to shape a vision of possibilities, that motivates and inspires organizational alignment in our partner work environments.


Consistently use or create best practices, that improve cultures. Save partner organizations time & money, while quickly getting the heart of a problem to help projects or programs run more efficiently. In all situations, embrace new technology and navigate complexities to guide partners through the ebb and flow of continuous business evolution.


Clear the air, disseminate information and keep all players focused, fully optimized, and constantly moving forward – together.


Deploy best in class strategies to engage the individual contributor, cull workplace drama, and encourage human-to-human interaction that solves relationship foibles to free departments, divisions or overall organizations so they can more successfully operate beyond their four walls.

Rob Lockard, SPHR, SCP

Certified Talent Optimization Consultant & CEO


I helped to place people in corporate roles according to their skills and abilities for years. I actually thought I was pretty good at it. Only, in many cases I found out months later that my manager counterparts and I had somehow missed the mark. More numerous times than I care to admit, the once shining example of the job candidate I found, eventually faded in the long-term. For one reason or another, who was left wasn’t what I or the hiring manager had envisioned as being the help they needed on their team(s).

For the life of me, I just couldn’t figure it out. Even with the best “gut feelings” about a candidate, I would be let down time-and-again. I had done just about everything in my power to ensure that a new team member would work out…and be “the one”.


I found the true reason. It was because I and my counterparts were only looking at half of the equation. We were only focused on at what we could physically see – and guessing at drives and motivations.


An early and true skeptic of the Predictive Index process, I turned the power of my profile on itself looking for cracks and flaws. What it provided were answers. The more I reviewed, the more it explained my personal work frustrations and got to the root of the burnout that I had been struggling with for years. I even learned that I wasn’t using my own innate attributes and talents as effectively as I could!


emineo was created to help organizations (and ultimately their individual contributors) navigate the connection between innate talents and how they can be utilized to drive positive organizational results…so that everyone is left happy and energized about what they contribute.

If you would like to learn more about how you could go about doing this at your organization, I encourage you – let’s connect! My e-mail is: rob@emineo-hr.com