Customer Testimonials

“…changed the way I viewed an HR department. For once in my career it felt like HR was an asset rather than just a necessity. He has a real gift in being calm and helpful during challenging times and I always appreciated the way he delivered it in layman’s terms. Rather than directing everyone with only policy and handbook speak, his approach was geared more towards informing you of legal and ethical recommendations and then supporting you and your decision. Most importantly, it was the first time the construction department had a partner in recruiting. He implemented several programs and resources for finding more qualified folks and assisted with training, both in which really helped in retention. People around him just seemed to get better. I highly recommend Rob for his professionalism, knowledge, energy, strategic thinking, flexibility, kindness and commitment. An upgrade to any HR team!”  ~ Tom Cowan; Nexus5

Published by Rob Lockard, SPHR, SCP

I am a certified Talent Optimization consultant that help organizations deliver business results and align their leadership, teams, and culture to their business strategy.